To create a safe and welcoming community for gamers to enjoy both recreational and competitive Grifball.

GrifballHub Mission Statement
About GrifballHub

GrifballHub, LLC is the official home for Grifball, a sports game played within the Halo video game series. GrifballHub runs LAN and online Grifball leagues and events, and supplies 343 Industries with Grifball maps and gametypes for the Halo series’ Grifball playlists.

GrifballHub strives to be a welcoming community for all gamers, regardless of their sex, gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, experience, or other demographic characteristics. GrifballHub is a safe place for all gamers who love the sport of Grifball.

GrifballHub has forum moderators and league administrators in place to ensure that site activities stay true to GrifballHub’s mission statement. Malicious trash talk, personal attacks, cheating, and griefing are not allowed on the GrifballHub forums or in any GrifballHub activities. Community members are expected to abide by these rules in all interactions with other Grifballers.

About GrifballHub LLC

Although GrifballHub is a registered LLC in the state of Maryland, the site is run entirely by volunteers and it is not intended to turn a profit. All revenue made through donations, advertisement, merchandise sales, subscriptions, and other sources is put back into the site. Typical expenses include site hosting, league prizes, and shipping items to fans.

About GrifballHub Staff


  • Goosechecka (Co-owner)
  • Kalbelgarion (Co-owner)
  • Rallyfox (Co-owner)
  • The Texorcist (Co-owner)
  • DJBluePDX (Executive Producer, GTS Director)
  • RageMoreNerd (GTS Admin Director)
  • Nuclear Taco 42 (Head Cartographer)
  • Nokyard (GrifballHub Court Lead)