The Good Games League is a league developed for Grifball players wanting to play in a friendly environment.

The GGL is administrated by Kalbelgarion, Goosechecka, and Rallyfox.
Objectives of the League
The league is operated in accordance with GrifballHub’s mission statement: To create a safe and welcoming community for gamers to enjoy both recreational and competitive Grifball.
Unless captains agree otherwise, games are to be played on the one default map and gametype for the league. The default title is Halo 5: Guardians. For any given league match, teams may use any Grifball map and gametype from any Halo game, as long as both team captains approve prior to the start of the match.


Teams may not use any modded gametype including features not officially released by 343 Industries. Games played on modded gametypes will not be counted for the league and may result in disciplinary action for the teams involved.

There is no formal disputes process, however games can be replayed if agreed upon by both teams. Teams may contact league administrators or ambassadors to assist with settling disputes.

The winning team must report the results of the match after a match is played. If a match is not reported, the winning team will not receive credit for a win.

Teams must be comprised of at least four players. The maximum number of players a team may have on its roster is 10. Players may be added and dropped from a team’s roster at any time until the end of week three of the season. At the end of week three and before the start of week four, a roster lock will go into effect and players can no longer be removed from a team’s roster. Teams may still add new players up to the 10 player limit until the end of the regular season, provided any new player is not already on another team’s roster. At the end of the regular season, captains will no longer be allowed to add new players to their rosters.


Once the roster lock is in effect, players can no longer remove themselves from a team. They can removed themselves from a team after the end of the season.

All games must be played 4v4, unless both captains involved agree to use fewer than 4 players for the match.

In addition to their normal 10 roster spots, teams may add players to a “VIP” list if the player’s inclusion on a GGL roster has significant positive public relations value for Grifball as a whole. Players may only be added to a team’s VIP list by a league admin, and every addition must be approved by a league admin. Players on the VIP list may not play in more than 50 percent of a team’s games in a season, including post-season games.

Guest Player
If a team is unable to field four players from their roster, they may invite a member from another team to be a substitute player for that game. The player may not be from a team currently involved in the match and must be approved by the opposing team’s captain. If a team uses a substitute player, the team is responsible for the substitute player’s behavior.Teams may use substitute players in the post-season, including new players that are not on any team’s roster, if the other team captain gives his or her approval. There is no limit to the number a games a player may substitute in.


When using a substitute player, the opposing team’s captain may veto the use of the sub or any sub for any reason.

Schedule for Classic Divisions
For newer teams, teams will be divided into several divisions of three to six teams each. Each team will play every other team in their division twice or more times, for a total of 10 games played. Each division will have its own designated game night and time. Teams are expected to be available to play at their designated time. Failure to show up may result in forfeit losses or being dropped from the league.


Games may be rescheduled whenever it is convenient for both teams.

If a team does not play for the first week of the season, they may be removed from the league. Other teams in their division may have their schedules altered in ways that may include playing teams within their division more than twice, to ensure they there are two matches scheduled every week.

At the end of the five-week season, there will be a make-up week to allow previously missed games to be played. Although teams may make up games at any point during the season, the make-up week will be available as the last chance to play missed games. If a game remains unplayed, the previously available team will be permitted to submit the game as a forfeit win. For the purposes of team records and playoff seeding, forfeit wins will be counted identically to on-court wins.
There is no formal process for submitting and adjudicating disputes. However, if players on the other team take a knee (crouch) during a game, the other team must stop play so that the two captains can talk about any serious connection issues that have arisen (unplayable lag, a player disconnecting or not spawning, etc.). The captains are then to decide what the best course of action is: reschedule, keep playing, swap out players, get a neutral host, restart the game, create a new lobby but keep the score up to that point, etc. Captains are to do everything that can be reasonably expected of them to make the game fun for everyone.


Teams that unnecessarily abuse the “take a knee” rule may face disciplinary action. Teams should only take a knee and stop play when a player drops from the game or or the match is otherwise unplayable.

If the captains involved in an unplayable game are unable to agree on a course of action, they should send a message to or a league administrator describing the situation. They may be required to also submit any film they have of the game.

The Forum
The forum is for discussing anything league related, checking out new maps and gametype, and for talking with other players. To register for the forums, please go here and register using your gamertag. Players who are banned on the forums may also be banned from the league. Other disciplinary action in the forums may have repercussions for league eligibility.
Since the purpose of this league is to create and maintain a fun environment, the following rules are strictly enforced:


  • Malicious trash talk will not be tolerated.
  • Malicious trash talk is defined as comments directed towards another Grifballer that the administrative staff finds to be offensive and intentional.
  • Players who engage in malicious trash talk will be issued a warning. Should another incident occur, they will be given a final warning. A third incident will result in a temporary suspension appropriate to the offense. A fourth infraction will result in an indefinite ban from the GGL. Any step in the disciplinary process may be skipped due to the severity of the offense or due to previous violations.
  • Personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • Personal attacks are defined as comments directed towards another Grifballer that the administrative staff finds offensive and intentional. Examples include name calling and excessive cursing.
  • Players who engage in personal attacks will be issued a warning. Should another incident occur, they will be given a final warning. A third incident will result in a temporary suspension appropriate to the offense. A fourth infraction will result in an indefinite ban from the GGL. Any step in the disciplinary process may be skipped due to the severity of the offense or due to previous violations.
  • Players found to be cheating (i.e., playing on someone else’s gamertag, exploiting flaws in the maps, intentionally causing lag or other issues with the connection, etc.) will be punished according to the severity of the transgression and can range from a warning to an immediate and permanent ban.
  • Any step in the disciplinary process may be bypassed based on the severity of the offense or due to previous violations. The administrators reserve the right to punish teams and players in any way they see fit to ensure the goal of maintaining the GGL as a fun, recreational league.
  • Stat-padding in league games or in the Grifball matchmaking playlist will not be tolerated. GGL Admins reserve the right to enforce stricter punishment for repeated offenses.
  • Players banned or suspended from the GGL may also be barred from playing in other GrifballHub events, such as Rushes.
  • Players banned in other Grifball leagues, such as the American Grifball League of America, may also be banned from the GGL.
At the end of the regular season, the top teams (based on overall record, then head to head record, then head to head points, etc.) will advance to the playoffs. Additionally, the teams with the top GrifScore will receive automatic bids to the playoffs, regardless of their records. Division winners, teams with a .700 win percentage or higher, and teams with 700 or more GrifPoints will receive automatic bids to the playoffs.


The playoff matches are each a best-of-three series. After the first game, the losing team may, if they wish, decline the rest of the series. Any substitute player in the playoffs must be approved by the opposing team’s captain.

Tie Breakers
Should a tie occur in determining a team’s eligibility for playoffs or playoff seeding, tie breakers will be administered. Should more than two teams tie, the exclusion criteria will be followed in order until one team is eliminated. The remaining two teams will start again with the first tie-breaker criteria. Teams with excessive unplayed or unreported games may be left out of the playoffs. Undefeated teams must have at least six games played to receive a top seed. Undefeated teams with fewer than six games played will automatically be placed at a lower seed than other qualifying undefeated teams in the playoffs. Teams with more than three unreported games may be excluded from the playoffs.


Formula for Tie Breakers:

  • Head to head regular season record
  • Head to head goal efficiency
  • Goal efficiency in common games
  • Goal efficiency in all games
  • One game playoff or another determinant
Veteran Divisions
Experienced Grifball teams are highly encouraged to play in special “Veteran Divisions” for the regular season. Teams in these divisions may play more than 10 games per season and will play on more than one night per week. The schedule for Veteran Division teams will be hand-made by the league administrators to ensure competitive games.


Teams in the Veteran Divisions may still go for Achieveables and will participate in the same playoff bracket as teams in the classic divisions. They may still use guest players (provided the other team’s captain approves).

If a team cannot play at the scheduled time, Veteran Division games may be rescheduled for a time convenient for both teams.

League Disclaimer
All rules are subject to change by GGL admin depending on circumstances. Any rule that is judged to be abused may be altered on a case by case basis to better preserve the integrity of the league and to provide a fair and level playing field for all participants of the GGL. League admins reserve the right to change, alter, or interpret the rules in any way seen fit, depending on the circumstances.


Please remember that the goal of teams entering this league should be to have fun. By playing in a GGL game, players give their approval of the above rules.