After a mid-season hiatus and a long makeup week, GGL playoffs are now underway!

Congratulations to our 15 post-season teams:

Vibrating Ron Dis (piIVIpinthacrib)
Two2One (Dylan221)
A Righteous Kill (KID TONGA 1)
Orphanage for Troubled Youth (inMotion Venom)
The Vanguard (TcT AVENGER)
Paradox Warriors (PoisonxPoptart)
Green Army Jr (Nuclear Taco 42)
Monkey Fist (Poormanm1k3)
Turquoise Jeep (ixGingy)
Yager Bombers (NOPLEX)
What the Grif (MyrHerder)
Do You Even Grif (Cinn)
The Ways and Means Committee (Kalbelgarion)
Donkey Kong Smash (jesusandthegoat)
Easy as Pie (Rage More Nerd)

Every series in the playoffs is a best-of-three series. The first team to win two games advances to the next round. Each round will last one week, with the due date for each series being the following Sunday at 11:59PM EST. For example, first round games must be played by Sunday, June 12 at 11:59PM EST.

Teams may not change their rosters now that playoffs have begun. If a team would like to use a player that is not on their roster, they must have the permission of the opposing team’s captain.

Please report your game results here.

Post your game results in this thread.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Good luck!