At PAX this weekend, GrifballHub hosted a panel all about the Sport of the Future. We chatted about the history of the sport, the leagues, GrifbalHub’s outstanding community, and the future of Grifball as an e-sport. After hearing all about how Grifball is the greatest sport in the world, you may be interested in joining our community!

Your first step is to register for our forums and post in the “Say Hello!” thread. Tell us a little about yourself, how much Grifball you’ve played, and that you met us at PAX!

Are you interested in joining a team? We have two leagues for players from North America: The American Grifball League of America (AGLA) and the Good Games League (GGL). The AGLA is our competitive league, where individuals sign up for a bid system and are drafted on to teams. Not everyone who signs up makes it on a team in the AGLA. The next AGLA bidding will start later this month.

The GGL is our “friendly” league, where teams sign up to play Grifball one night a week. It’s like organized scrimmages with other teams, with the addition of playoffs at the end of the season. The GGL is entering playoffs right now, and the next season will start later this fall after playoffs are complete.

Looking to join a GGL team? Check out the Free Agents forum and post a new thread with your information. You should also check out the Players Needed forum for teams that are looking for their missing piece.

We also have the European Grifball League (EUGBL) for Grifballers across the pond. The league operates similarly to the GGL, in that entire teams of players sign up for games. The next season of the EUGBL will start later this month.


We also run Grifball events, like one-night tournaments and mixers, fairly often. Keep an eye on the front page and this forum for more information.

Be sure to stay active on the forums and the chatbox to find custom games. The community is very accommodating to new players and always willing to show you the ropes, if you’re willing to learn!

Finally, you can also create your own Player Profile on the site. This is your place on the site to share a little about yourself, your position, and your player history.

Let us know if you have any questions. See you on the court!