Grifball livestreams are known because of their announcers. These are some of the most well known announcers and make the game so much fun to watch.

#5. DJ Blue
While he’s just recently started commentating for Hub, DJ Blue was made to commentate. With a DJ and radio background, his voice is wickedly awesome and can make the worst play even sound cool. He’s started making intros for streamed matches which makes any Grifball stream sound cool. DJ Blue just makes anything sound awesome.

#4. Nuclear Taco 42
Taco comes on once and a while but when he’s commentating, he is always sharing his Grifball knowledge and color commentating the game with Goose. He teaches the audience what they would need to do in the situation that’s going on and even help their game in the future as well. So if Taco is commentating, you might want to pay attention and take notes.

#3. Receptor 17
Just your friendly Welsh Grifball commentator. Receptor always adds something to Grifball commentating whether it be his accent, his weird hats, or his humorous add-ons. Receptor makes the stream entertaining while we wait for a game to start. Receptor is a fan favorite and we can’t wait to see another game commentated by him soon.

#2. The Texorcist
Even though he is MiA at the moment, he was such a fun guy to listen to during a Grifball match. I was introduced to him at RTX 2013 and his voice became recognizable immediately. He even had fun during the LAN tournaments and sacrificed his voice to let the people around the booth have fun while watching the matches in person. He is missed and we can’t wait to have him back!

Honorable Mentions:
A Man Canon
Best known for his non-stop streaming of Grifball games and his complete silence commentating.

He runs the stream (most of the time) and sometimes says his input during a stream. He doesn’t always commentate but the Hub wants to see him attempt to commentate.

#1. Goosechecka
She is the baddest Goose out there and she commentates every game that’s streamed on the Hub. Even being co-owner, she knows this game and always welcomes new people and players to the Hub. She is the face of the Hub and she does it well. Any Grifballer on the Hub knows her and even the randoms will know her. Even with a lack of “skill,” she plays the game smart and that’s what makes a good commentator. She is one of the best Grifball commentators out there, and she must be recognized for it.

Well here’s to the commentators of the past, present and future! If you are a commentator of the future, learn from these 5 fine commentators and respect them for the time, effort and vocal cords the sacrifice to give us, the viewer, a better view, time and understanding of the game of Grifball.

If you would like to suggest a Top 5, send me a PM or post in the PackMan’s Top 5 Thread.