With the Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One, Grifball has gone next-gen. Here is how you can play Grifball — right now! — in both Halo 3 and Halo 4 on the Master Chief Collection.

The first step is to add GrifballHub’s official gamertag Grifball Maps to your Xbox Live friends list. Just click here and “Add Friend.”

Next, we need to hop on the Master Chief Collection to download the maps and gametypes. Unlike previous Halo titles, the Master Chief Collection has no web-based file browser. Because of this, the only way to download maps and gametypes is through the game itself.

    1. Load the game and hit the menu (start) button to bring up the “Options & Career” menu. Select “Leaderboards.”

    1. Go to “Campaign Scoring” for Halo 4.

    1. Hit the right bumper until you see the results for Difficulty: Legendary for the level Dawn.
    2. Find Grifball Maps in the list on the right. You can scroll down the Global list to find it (with 92,004 points) or hit X to display only your friends, at which point it will be easy to find.

    1. Hit A on Grifball Maps and select “File Share.”

    1. Download any Grifball maps and gametypes you want!

Some recommendations for people who want to play Grifball include:

The courts labeled “Grifball Blank” are templates to be used for forging your own maps. The spawns and bomb plants are already set for you.

If you’d like to find people to play Grifball with and perhaps join a league, check out our forums. Particularly the chatbox, the Welcome Wagon, and the Recruiting Forum.