Signups for the Good Games League, GrifballHub’s recreational Grifball league, open on Friday, March 4. But how exactly do you register your team for the league?

Registering is a three step process:

1) Register yourself on the GrifballHub forums. You must be registered for the forums to register your team and edit your roster. Your forum username and password are your single sign-on point for the entire site.

2) Create your team! You can create a team profile for your team at any point, including this period before registration for the season begins. After you create your team, you can edit your team profile and add people to your roster.

If you were the captain of a team from before this season, you may need to reclaim your team. You can do that on the same Create Team Profile page.

3) Register your team at any time between March 4 and March 11. Since you are logged in to the forums and your team is already created, all you need to do is answer a few quick questions to drop your team’s name into the pool.


That’s it! You can take care of steps one and two any time before or during signups. For step three, the registration window is open for one week, from March 4 through March 11.

Games begin the week of March 14.

See you on the court!