Last week, Halo Waypoint solicited the Grifball community to come up with hot tips for new Grifballers playing the Sport of the Future for the first time in Halo 4. The top ten tips were collected and posted on the Waypoint blog this week:

Take advantage of the bomb throwing ability and keep [the ball] moving around. – Germanicus1994

Always check your radar and see if there’s anyone on your plate. – BennyBedStain

Play with a full team of 4 players. Your chances of success increase when you play as a team and communicate with your teammates. If you run alone, try to join up with other’s you meet or play against. – runNOKYARDrun

Don’t be afraid to get silly with it. Grifball is all about lols and shenanigans (and killing Grif). Don’t be afraid to try something completely ridiculous and see if it works. Who knows, you may just become the next TacoPizzaHunter. – ForsakenMango

Check out the full list here.

If you want to go beyond these tips, check out the submission thread where Grifballers detailed even more advice to give you a boost over the competition!